Become an Xpert on XLReporter with Free Live Presentations

Are you stuck at home away from your office? Do you want to learn about the best reporting solution for industry, XLReporter? Are you new to XLReporter and want to find out what all the fuss is about? Are you an existing XLReporter user that wants to learn about some of the latest and greatest features? Do you want to hear an engineer with a Boston accent pronouncing things wicked bad?
If so, click the link below to register for one or more of XLReporter’s Free Live Presentations that will demonstrate a suite of features available in the latest version of XLReporter including reporting directly from the PLC, the Web Portal, report distribution options and many more.
Every presentation will include a question and answer session where you can pose your most probing questions on XLReporter. Go ahead, try and stump us!

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