Go With the Flow, with XLReporter’s Live Wastewater Workshops

SyTech’s free Live Workshops are still going strong. Don’t miss the chance to sign up for the Water and Wastewater Workshop on June 25th. Water and wastewater treatment facilities vary in size, data sources, people skills and reporting requirements. XLReporter’ scalability makes it the perfect choice in any facility for regulatory and operational reports like the State MOR that requires both process and manual data. Hundreds of water and wastewater facilities use XLReporter for their day-to-day operations and the regulatory State reports. Most States publish their reports in Excel format which can be readily imported into XLReporter without touch up.

Each workshop is lead by an XLReporter expert who will take and answer questions at the end of the workshop. Have a true reporting professional answer your questions.

The free live workshops are a great way to see the capabilities of XLReporter. They are free of charge. Only requiring you to sign up ahead of time. However, don’t delay they are filling up fast. Check out the schedule and sign up here.