A Simple but Effective Solution for IoT Reporting

Today, everything from our cell phones to refrigerators is ‘smart’. Smart devices communicate with each other and with third party software in a framework commonly known as the Internet of Things (IoT). The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applies this framework to industry, and to operations like manufacturing and energy management.

Retrieving Data from the Cloud

With a secure internet framework, users can edit the control logic, monitor machine performance, and view production data across a global enterprise, all while sitting in a wifi-equipped bungalow in Bermuda!

The solution is ideal for Machine Builders who want information to remain pro-active, Facilities who need to monitor their process data and alarms and Manufacturers that require manufacturing metrics from their remote sites.

Where do you start?

SyTech and HMS Networks partnered together to make IoT reports and dashboards easy to implement and affordable.

HMS Networks supplies a device called the Ewon Flexy which is installed at the each remote site that needs monitoring. The device is configured to automatically collect process data, say from a PLC, and uploaded it to a central cloud storage called the ‘Talk2M DataMailbox’ (provided at no cost!).

HMS Networks Ewon Flexy 205
HMS Networks Ewon Flexy 205 – The IIoT Machine Gateway

XLReporter periodically fetches the data in the Mailbox and stores it to permanent storage such as a SQL Server database. This can be done either on premise or in the cloud.

XLReporter automatically produces reports and dashboards as workbooks, web pages and distributes them by email and web portal.

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