XLReporter Used in 100’s of Water Treatment Facilities in the USA

Every month, state governments in the USA require every water and wastewater treatment facility to submit a monthly report. The purpose of this report is to show that our water is safe to drink.  As well as keeping wastewater facilities in compliance. These reports cover a wide range of topics such as turbidity results and chemical additions.

SyTech is proud that 100’s of water and wastewater treatment facilities across the country use XLReporter. Why?

Many states provide the monthly report forms in Excel workbook format for the facility to fill out and return. XLReporter imports these forms into its Design Studio where you can connect process data to them.

XLReporter streamlines this process with the built-in scheduler, automatically collecting the data and populating the state reports on time, every time. Then, the report can be automatically printed, copied to a file server, or emailed to the superintendent for review.

If you are a water superintendent that is looking for a reporting solution for your system, or an engineering company designing a new/upgrade, consider making the same choice as many other facilities in the USA across cities and towns, choose XLReporter.

For more detailed information on XLReporter in the water industry, click here.