The Top 5 Features any Reporting Solution Should Provide

Are you looking for reporting software for your next project? Before making any decisions, make sure that the top 5 features any reporting solution should provide are included.

Ease of Use

Reporting is typically one of the last things implemented in a large project. The last thing you need to do is to understand a new platform, climb a steep learning curve and dedicate resources you probably don’t have.
With XLReporter you don’t have to worry about that. All your reports are designed in the familiar Excel workbook environment. In fact, you can even start with existing Excel workbooks that may already be filled out manually in the facility or those provided by government or regulatory agencies.
There is also no scripting, coding or SQL required. XLReporter provides simple to understand interfaces to extract data from all your sources.
With XLReporter, your solution will be up and running in a matter of hours, not days.

24×7 Reliability

What good is software if you can’t rely on it to deliver whenever you need it? XLReporter has been designed specifically for the needs of industry including the 24×7 reliability that other, business type solutions just can’t deliver.
The built-in scheduler can be run completely automated to generate, publish, and distribute all of your reports in the background without consuming valuable system resources.


Every customer has different reporting needs. You need a reporting package that is flexible enough to handle these needs.
XLReporter has all the tools you could possibly need to handle the requirements of any customer. XLReporter can retrieve data from PLCs, OPC DA/UA/HDA servers, industrial historians, relational databases and even text and csv files.
Because reports are designed in the Excel workbook format, all the great features of Excel are available including formatting (including conditional formatting to highlight anomalies), summary formulas, charts, and data validation.
Going even further, XLReporter provides a suite of management functions that can perform advanced data analysis and even export data out to a text file or database to be used by another application.
Reports can be generated automatically from the built-in scheduler or on demand based on user input. Scheduled reports can be triggered periodically or based on an event in the process.


Start small and grow.  That is part of the philosophy of XLReporter.  There are many times where the customer starts with a very simple reporting requirement that evolves over time into more complex solutions.
For example, initially you may just need a daily report that snapshots data from the PLC.  Then, going further you may bring in a historian to log process data and want XLReporter to report on data from it.  Then, you may want to email the report to a group of people.  Finally, you may want to use XLReporter’s web portal to generate and view reports across the network.
With XLReporter, you can upgrade your license incrementally to add features as and when you need them.


Finally, as with any software solution, you want the assurance that if you run into an issue, you can reach out to someone for help. At SyTech, we pride ourselves on the support we give customers. We have an experienced, dedicated, US based support team that is available to help you with any issue you may encounter. Our team not only has knowledge of XLReporter, we also understand the needs of industry and have experience with the systems you are interfacing with.