SyTech’s Video and Document Libraries: A Wealth of Information

In the hands of a well-informed user, XLReporter is a powerful tool. SyTech’s video and document libraries give users the tools they need to become XLReporter experts. As a result from these resources, SyTech University was born. To clarify, the libraries are available on SyTech’s homepage under the Support Dropdown list. Similarly, you can download the PDF documents here and also find the videos on YouTube for your convenience.

Detailed Documentation

The Document Library is split up into six categories:

  1. Data Connectivity – these documents describe the process of connecting XLReporter to leading PLCs, historians and databases in industry.
  2. Data Connectivity Note – supplementary technical notes on data connectivity.
  3. How To – these articles provide detail on how to perform different tasks such as upgrading, installing, and basic troubleshooting.
  4. Spotlight – XLReporter feature-focused articles that highlight specifics about the reporting product.
  5. Roadmaps – in depth guides to a reporting solution.
  6. White Paper – documents on aspects of XLReporter

All of these documents are extremely useful for all users new and seasoned. For example, if you are using a new data source that you are not familiar with, we have a document to help you get connected in the Data Connectivity section. That is to say, if you have any interest in working with XLReporter you should check them out.

High Value Video Demonstrations

The Video Library is split up into six courses with the Most Recent, Most Watched and Data Connectivity videos listed at the top. The Six courses are as follows:

  • 101: Prerequisites
  • 102: Report from Process Data
  • 103: Report from Historians
  • 104: Report On-Demand and Dashboards
  • 105: Publishing Reports
  • 106: PanelView Plus

You can watch these videos right on our site. Alternatively, they are also available on our YouTube Channel. For instance, our most recent video covers our new and improved Web Portal.

Finally, you can use these direct links to the Document Library and the Video Library.

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